Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pride of parents

Tonight my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing our son perform in the exclusive Landsdowne Club, Berkley square , London .

Born without his right hand , he is one of the few left -handed concert pianists in the world.

He started at the age of 14,which is extremly late to start ( most start at 4 -7 years).He only turned 21 in march 2010.
In that short 7 years ,he not only gained a place at the Guildhall School of music , he has gone on to study at the Royal College of Music.

To see him perform in one of the most exclusive addresses in the uk shows that it is not the disability but the sheer determination to grasp what can be , rather than cry over what might have been.

This year he has appeared in the "Daily Mail" and on ITV's "This Morning", and played in numerous concerts.

Ah , I here you say , born to rich parents !!

Er , no , just born to parents who care and were able to guide and give guidence when needed.
Born to parents both bought up
On council estates before the "it's the state who owes me " system started.

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Regards a drunk and happy

Ray from Brixton

( I now the spelling is crap but it shows the level of my education in the " right on 60's")

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