Thursday, 29 April 2010

The view from the top

What a result !!

So to mrs Duffy's face, Brown was as nice as he could be .
To her views on immegration and the changes in her locality he sympathised and showed understanding .
If it had ended there , it was not a bad encounter.

But then distaster , we ,the plebes , were able to hear the real thoughts of our glorious leader. (saviour of the world (c))

By daring to even mention immegration ?

she is a bigot.

For daring to voice her concerns ?

She is a Bigot !

For questioning what has happened to her locality?

She is a Bigot !

And this is the very type of person he wants to vote labour,
White , working class, labour voter.

A labour voter !!

and it is clear that he and the whole New Labour scum hate and have betrayed the very people they purport to represent.

Don't believe me ?

You have in his own words , you bigot !!

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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Will there be blood?

So the FO were writing disparging remarks about the Pope.

Here is a prediction of the reaction to this on the streets.

No one will be threatened with death.

There will not be marches demanding an end to free speech.

No calls will be made for any critisim of the Pope to be punished by law.

No one will be killed in riots around the world caused by the letters.

Compare and contrast the reaction to some other religions that profess to be peaceful .

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The end is nigh

So we enter the final stage of (x factor ) the election.

What light has been shed on our sorry plight ?

Which of these three titans of politics and masters of our universe have laid out our current position, a clear path, a viable way out ?

Urm , non I am afraid !

The argument on NI contributions , as if the paltrey amount discussed would have even made a dent in our mountain of rising debt., has been a farce.

The non discussion of immegration , glossed over with sound bites and lies.

The economy is the overiding problem , all else is subserviant to it .

Want the NHS better , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want investment is schools , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want more police , then get the debt problem sorted .

Because if we do not , our asperations for the future look bleak .

My prediction is , whoever gets in , we will be hit by the real reccession , the one Brown and co , have borrowed, printed money for , and put off until after the election and have finally having face reality.

It will not be pretty for us proles but rest assured it is us who will be the ones paying for failure.

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Clegg mania

Well, we had the first debate.

And now the whole country wants Clegg as PM !!

So is that really the level of political debate we have now reached?

Because he was not as awful as the other two, suddenly woman are lining up to have his children, he is more popular than Churchill,
and he is the new Obama .

Oh for Gods sake , his policies stink .

More immegration , which every poll shows the public don't want

More EU integration ,which every poll shows the public don't want.

Softer on crime, which every poll shows the public don't want.

This show was a novelty , that is why such a reaction.

We have two more debates coming, the public will get bored and when polling day comes , they will have to vote on the real issuies rather than the " he looks nice" tv show.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Impressed ?

I heard "call be Dave " on BBC London this morning.

And I must admit I was impressed, he answered the questions , came across well and seemed eager to admit that he does not know it all .

I liked a lot of the ideas he espoused but the problem for all of the parties is that no one believes anything they say , even if they are genuine.

Expectations of real change are so low or non existent that the phrase " a plague on all of them" is heard more and more.

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Monday, 12 April 2010

Got ya!

Just had the enormous pleasure of watching Adam Boulton put Brown on the spot at his manifesto launch , which by the way, is not a legal document and one that is not worth the paper it is written on , and I have the high court judgement to prove it.

Anyway as our lord and master made these pointless pronouncements in a hospital that " labour built" , Boulton pointed out that all tax payers had paid for it and that because it was a PFI stitch up it will cost the tax payer £2.5 Billion pounds compared to the 600 million it cost to build.

Our leaders response as always when challenged with facts was to grin inanely and then make some stupid comments that the hand picked politburo type clones lapped up.


But interesting to see Boulton attack brown , something he would not of done in the past

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And there off. !!!

Well we finally know the day ( yawn) , the sight of the excited crowds of media , hanging on every word dribbling out of the corner of comrade Browns, ( saviour of the world (c) ), mouth was a sight to see.

Behind him stood some of the most slimy , arrogant , self serving bunch of dangerous lunatics ever to run this once great country.

And on the conservative side

A slick advertising led demo of
" Hey , vote for me because I, m not him" which seems to be the main selling point of the tories.

The liberals were as ever not sure what they were or why they were there.

Overall the first week has been about small details , with not one of them prepared to lay out the truth.

None will speak on the subjects that we , the people , want them to talk about.

None will speak on immigration , since they all agree on the open door policy.

Nor law and order, since they are not willing to do what we want , as regard to sentencing and getting police on the streets.

Nor the elephant in the room, the fact we are borrowing money at a accelerating rate, with the largest deficit ever and not one of them prepared to give us the truth.

As someone said the other day , this is not a election of real change , this is one of a change of management.

The show and promises are irrelevant.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Labour Election Broadcast

Vote labour,

For free money and handouts, and sweets for all!***

***Please note a service fee of 100% submission to the the party is required ,
All freedoms and rights are forfeit on voting for the party.

All benefits can and will be reduced and at any time.

CCTV coverage of all activities is mandatory.

All people that actually work for the things they have will be treated as scum and will give up all property and wealth they have worked for to the deserving poor.

The deserving poor will now be called MPs.

You have the right to complain.

Complaints will be heard every 5 years via our complaints procedure.

This will be known as a election.

Once we get AV voting in we will never be out of power.

From then on

All elections will be ignored and will be referred to a public enquiry held with people paid for and employed by the Party

Do not forget......

You have the right to complain to your MP.

( Please note all MPs have been bought and paid for by UNISON and the party all promises should be regarded as purely promotional and have no basis in truth, or reality).

Thank you for voting labour.

Now kneel down and worship us , you scum.

(This has been a labour party election broadcast)

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Little boxes, little boxes

OK, here is were I stand politically , on some things I would be described as right wing on others left wing and on other things I do not have strong opinions or views.

Overall I class myself as a conservative in the traditional sense of the word, not the right on , down with the yoof , just call me dave con party

And this I would argue is were most of us stand neither strongly labour or conservative.

The problem with our politics at the moment is that they want us to fit into nice neat boxes, based on race, religion , disability and sexuality.

Now this gets really messy politically since we also have the rise and rise of victimhood politics, based around the above groups but then split into various sub groups I. gay , gay woman, transsexuals etc

This of course lends itself to what Is in effect victimhood politics with certain groups or combination of the above merating special treatment from government or the law. however
There is always one constant in this race to be a Bigger victim than any other group, and that is that it is the White, married , British working class male who is at the bottom of every list.

But what of the equality agenda ,
So beloved of harriot harperson,
And the so called progressive left? Surley this will make us all equal?

Well if you ask most people what is mean't by equality they would in general answer that all are treated the same by government and the law.

But in the fairy tale world of leftist politics , where all are victims of oppression by someone, who cannot get on without the lefts championing of their cause.
Equality means the opposite of the ordinary persons view.

In fact we will see in law , the legally justifiable act of discrimination based on those very things they claim to be against.

Only this Orwellian government is able to produce such a act , so counter to it's pronounced aims.
That in enshrines inequality in law.

Equality = inequality
Evil = good

Welcome to 1984

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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back to the future?

Just seen the news that liebour are going to be using on their latest poster campaign a image of Gene Hunt the fictional old style policeman ( you know the ones who went after the criminals) with his face changed to David Cameroons, under the strap line "don't let him take us back to the 80's"

Big mistake , the poster makes Davie boy look cool and tough , it also allows the Tories to bring up ,how just like now , only they where able to turn the country around after another labour government left us bankrupt and a laughing stock.

Good work from Tory central office !!

I mean a labour supporting member of the public , who actually suggested it:-;

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