Monday, 12 April 2010

Got ya!

Just had the enormous pleasure of watching Adam Boulton put Brown on the spot at his manifesto launch , which by the way, is not a legal document and one that is not worth the paper it is written on , and I have the high court judgement to prove it.

Anyway as our lord and master made these pointless pronouncements in a hospital that " labour built" , Boulton pointed out that all tax payers had paid for it and that because it was a PFI stitch up it will cost the tax payer £2.5 Billion pounds compared to the 600 million it cost to build.

Our leaders response as always when challenged with facts was to grin inanely and then make some stupid comments that the hand picked politburo type clones lapped up.


But interesting to see Boulton attack brown , something he would not of done in the past

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Somewhere in or around Brixton

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