Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back to the future?

Just seen the news that liebour are going to be using on their latest poster campaign a image of Gene Hunt the fictional old style policeman ( you know the ones who went after the criminals) with his face changed to David Cameroons, under the strap line "don't let him take us back to the 80's"

Big mistake , the poster makes Davie boy look cool and tough , it also allows the Tories to bring up ,how just like now , only they where able to turn the country around after another labour government left us bankrupt and a laughing stock.

Good work from Tory central office !!

I mean a labour supporting member of the public , who actually suggested it:-;

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Somewhere in or around Brixton


  1. They should show Brown wearing a sheepskin coat sitting on the bonnet of a broken down Austin Maxi, sucking his thumb and rocking backwards and forwards. Cock that he is.

    "Labour - broken down Britain."

  2. Hey, Killem, they used a Marina! Welcome to bloglandsville, Ray!

  3. Never mind a car. Put Brown in The Large Hadron Collider. Send him back to the 80's that way.