Monday, 5 April 2010

Labour Election Broadcast

Vote labour,

For free money and handouts, and sweets for all!***

***Please note a service fee of 100% submission to the the party is required ,
All freedoms and rights are forfeit on voting for the party.

All benefits can and will be reduced and at any time.

CCTV coverage of all activities is mandatory.

All people that actually work for the things they have will be treated as scum and will give up all property and wealth they have worked for to the deserving poor.

The deserving poor will now be called MPs.

You have the right to complain.

Complaints will be heard every 5 years via our complaints procedure.

This will be known as a election.

Once we get AV voting in we will never be out of power.

From then on

All elections will be ignored and will be referred to a public enquiry held with people paid for and employed by the Party

Do not forget......

You have the right to complain to your MP.

( Please note all MPs have been bought and paid for by UNISON and the party all promises should be regarded as purely promotional and have no basis in truth, or reality).

Thank you for voting labour.

Now kneel down and worship us , you scum.

(This has been a labour party election broadcast)

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Somewhere in or around Brixton

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