Sunday, 4 April 2010

Little boxes, little boxes

OK, here is were I stand politically , on some things I would be described as right wing on others left wing and on other things I do not have strong opinions or views.

Overall I class myself as a conservative in the traditional sense of the word, not the right on , down with the yoof , just call me dave con party

And this I would argue is were most of us stand neither strongly labour or conservative.

The problem with our politics at the moment is that they want us to fit into nice neat boxes, based on race, religion , disability and sexuality.

Now this gets really messy politically since we also have the rise and rise of victimhood politics, based around the above groups but then split into various sub groups I. gay , gay woman, transsexuals etc

This of course lends itself to what Is in effect victimhood politics with certain groups or combination of the above merating special treatment from government or the law. however
There is always one constant in this race to be a Bigger victim than any other group, and that is that it is the White, married , British working class male who is at the bottom of every list.

But what of the equality agenda ,
So beloved of harriot harperson,
And the so called progressive left? Surley this will make us all equal?

Well if you ask most people what is mean't by equality they would in general answer that all are treated the same by government and the law.

But in the fairy tale world of leftist politics , where all are victims of oppression by someone, who cannot get on without the lefts championing of their cause.
Equality means the opposite of the ordinary persons view.

In fact we will see in law , the legally justifiable act of discrimination based on those very things they claim to be against.

Only this Orwellian government is able to produce such a act , so counter to it's pronounced aims.
That in enshrines inequality in law.

Equality = inequality
Evil = good

Welcome to 1984

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  1. You might visit a few of my archive posts, Ray! Regardless of DC's public image and need to wrestle power from Labour, a vote for DC will slow the Orwhelan march.

  2. Very well put Raymondo.

    I'm heartily sick of all gender, ethnic, multi culti 'equality' industry bollocks. And an industry it is.

    One day, will people wake up and realise, there's no such thing? People are better because they put in more effort, work harder,nature dealt them a better hand etc etc.

    I doubt it.

    wv: Compo. How apt.

  3. Imagine a huge beautiful picture viewed from afar and when approached its construction is revealed as many differing shapes and sizes of many coloured plasticine pieces. It could just be art created by an artist but then along comes horriette harmperson and she hates unequalness so she rolls all the bits of plasticine into same sized balls and as you know when that is done it all turns into one dull messy horrid brown colour. That's Labour for you all Brown and disgusting.