Sunday, 25 April 2010

The end is nigh

So we enter the final stage of (x factor ) the election.

What light has been shed on our sorry plight ?

Which of these three titans of politics and masters of our universe have laid out our current position, a clear path, a viable way out ?

Urm , non I am afraid !

The argument on NI contributions , as if the paltrey amount discussed would have even made a dent in our mountain of rising debt., has been a farce.

The non discussion of immegration , glossed over with sound bites and lies.

The economy is the overiding problem , all else is subserviant to it .

Want the NHS better , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want investment is schools , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want more police , then get the debt problem sorted .

Because if we do not , our asperations for the future look bleak .

My prediction is , whoever gets in , we will be hit by the real reccession , the one Brown and co , have borrowed, printed money for , and put off until after the election and have finally having face reality.

It will not be pretty for us proles but rest assured it is us who will be the ones paying for failure.

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