Friday, 27 May 2011

Not in my name

Charity , it once was said, begins at home.

The key pphrase is " it once was said"

Not because the sheeple no longer believe this , but , because
Our lords and masters believe otherwise .

So at a time when month on month , we borrow more and more.

And instead of spending it on our own , we give it away in aid to the likes of India, Pakistan and China , all of whom have nuclear programs and two of which can also fund space exploration , something we cannot afford.

So why ?

My only conclusion is some one has some very interesting photos of call me Dave in very compromising positions.


The current government are mad.

Tell me it ain't so ....

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

You say Obama ,I say Osama ...

Today we witness the continuing resurgence of Obama , from dead in the polls , to superman incarnate in one short but bloody leap.

From dead to winner in a few weeks all on the back of the officially announced death of Osama ( 9th time USA have announced this in 10 years btw)

All this shows is the power of the main stream media to define a narrative , create a image and push it to the sheeple.

In the real world , the economy tanks , jobs go, families destroyed but hey


We beat the terrorist , Osama !

Were number one!

Obama, Obama

Forget the reality , get with the program and vote Obama !

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

When the lights go out...

Well our new shiny non new labour government have now decided to legally commit the uk to the most extensive de carbonisation Targets in the world.


This now guarantees that more and more people will be pulled into fuel poverty , it ensures that the lights will be going out within the next 5 years due to be people being unable to pay the ever increasing costs due to the feed in tariff plus the added cost of de carbonisation. Also we must by law close some of our older power plants and since we have not ,nor will not, build any replacements within this time frame , rolling blackouts are pretty much a sure thing.

Buy candles , it's the future

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Who rules?

The commons has spoken .

Prisoners will not get the vote

Umm , you think so.

We will implement votes for prisoners , there will will gnashing
Of teeth.

The people don't want it, our representatives don't want it but we will get it.

Who rules?

Not us
Not our representatives .
Not our government.

But the human rights courts and the EU.

Since this is so, why do we bother having a government.

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

The hottest year since we last said so

2010 has been declared the hottest year on record , and most of the record holders appear in the previous 10 years, proof , the warmest would say , that they were right.

Having read the smug headlines , I thought I would do some investigation on the figures.

Although they claim rising temperatures , none of the rises have been higher than the all important margin of error which can be +0.09 of a degree or -0.09 of a degree .

This means that there has been no rise or fall in temperature.

Playing fast and loose with the detail is a old trick of the AGW supporters.

Move along , nothing to see here , just pay the tax and never question.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Facts? We don't need e'm

Listening to the Vanessa Phelps show on radio London the other day , I was completely shocked to hear a senior teacher use the phrase " a fact based education is a poor one ".

I then heard another teacher say that the children should lead their learning and it is how they feel about a subject that is more important than knowing facts.

Is it any wonder we are in the state we are in?

Falling rapidly down the tables compared to other countries.

My son when at school, a few years ago, was doing a project on WWII , it was all about how he felt about a certain event , I asked him some basic facts on the war , dates , names etc.

The result?

He had no idea even which year it started !

Needless to say he got a A.

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Friday, 14 January 2011

My view on global warming, climate change , climate disruption or whatever I'm meant to call it.

I started off as a believer .

I watched, as the great and the good backed by government and the mass media told us , it was all down to us, and that higher tax was the only way to save the world.

I believed

So I done my bit to save the world , I insulated , I went with so called Eco lighting .

I believed

But as I started to research the claims myself , I found more and more half truths and down right lies.

I saw that the very people telling me what to do to save the planet, were the ones jetting round the world and making fortunes in green causes.

I started to disbelieve

I saw our political masters , pushing a green agenda but the word tax was never far from there lips.

I stopped believing

Is the climate changing ?

Always has, always will

I believe in science , and when I here the words " the science is settled " , I now I am being lied to Because science is about questioning not conforming.

When I here the phrase " climate heretic" , I now they are lying for it is those individuals who question the consciences that have time and time again been proved correct.

But when you follow the money, and discover who has benefitted from this , you will also become a
Heretic , a denier but most of all not a sheep.

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