Friday, 14 January 2011

My view on global warming, climate change , climate disruption or whatever I'm meant to call it.

I started off as a believer .

I watched, as the great and the good backed by government and the mass media told us , it was all down to us, and that higher tax was the only way to save the world.

I believed

So I done my bit to save the world , I insulated , I went with so called Eco lighting .

I believed

But as I started to research the claims myself , I found more and more half truths and down right lies.

I saw that the very people telling me what to do to save the planet, were the ones jetting round the world and making fortunes in green causes.

I started to disbelieve

I saw our political masters , pushing a green agenda but the word tax was never far from there lips.

I stopped believing

Is the climate changing ?

Always has, always will

I believe in science , and when I here the words " the science is settled " , I now I am being lied to Because science is about questioning not conforming.

When I here the phrase " climate heretic" , I now they are lying for it is those individuals who question the consciences that have time and time again been proved correct.

But when you follow the money, and discover who has benefitted from this , you will also become a
Heretic , a denier but most of all not a sheep.

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