Friday, 17 December 2010

It's global warming , I tells ya!

As I contemplate a few days being stuck in doors surrounded by inches of global warming ,sorry ,snow.

I do have to wonder at the sheer stupidity of the politicians who only yesterday announced ever increasing power prices to combat the effects of global warming, climate change ,climate disruption or what ever cover all phrase we are meant to use today.

Global warming is a busted flush.

Brrr it's cold !

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Terror from the religion with no name

Just watched a sky news and BBC news report on a suicide bombing in Sweden.

And in neither report is the word MUSLIM mentioned.

Is the media under orders not to mention the M word .

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Friday, 10 December 2010

Giant fail

If you want to change views or perceptions , the one thing you do not do is get violent or abusive it , in general has the opposite effect.

After watching the news and seeing clips on YouTube , my own view is that I wish we had a Police FORCE rather than the pathetic Police SERVICE.

Yes, we still have the right to protest but when you attack others , damage property , threaten the innocent , then the pussy footing ends .

The line is crossed.

Police FORCE , if we have one , would come down , like a tsunami .

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Monday, 29 November 2010

There is no other word but ...


Ireland have had to empty the national pension for the loan ( takeover).

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Friday, 26 November 2010

And as we reach the final curtain...

Well we had the Irish bailout ( talso known as the coupe) and the the sheeple were just mean't to take it and the EUSSR regime could carry on with the EURO experiment lining there own pockets at the same time.


The markets are not buying it ,
And have the rest of the PIGS in there sights.

And the sheeple have told the ruling scum were to go in a by-election.

This will get messy .

Buy Gold !

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

There is a war and it is against you

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why are more and more people are in debt?

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why is it, That no matter how hard people work , they are sinking into more and more debt?

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why is it is that , we can Remember a time when woman had a choice to work but in general have no choice now but to work?

Have you ever wondered why ?

We are taxed more and more but get less and less for that ever increasing tax?

Have you ever wondered why ?

The answer is in our monetary system , a system designed to make all but the super rich ,poor.

To quote from a great man

" One of the problems of slavery was that the MASTER would have to pay for your food and lodgings. And this was a cost .

The beauty of DEBT is that the SLAVE pays for ALL of the costs of food and lodgings."

We are now slaves .

slaves to a debt imposed upon us by governments that see us as slaves beholden to the true masters.


To open your eyes to the truth , view "MONEY AS DEBT" on YouTube .

You will will shocked and amazed!

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Death of a nation

It is with regret and sorrow I announce the passing of the independent nation of Ireland.

It's death was announced today with it's sovereignty being passed from it's people to the EU and The IMF.

Unfortunately, the people who's sovereignty it was , were ,due to logistical reasons not asked if this was ok.

R.I.P Ireland 2010

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A good day to bury another disgrace

Oh Joy , massive coverage of a royal wedding and it just happens to be on the day our government decides to pay some scum millions of pounds.

How terribly Convenient.

I think not.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

When is a cut not a cut ?

According to the BBC . the independent and the guardian the world is about to end with these heartless cuts by this wicked government.

But according to the official bank of England figures , spending rather than reducing in real terms , will infact be increasing year on year !

This is like saying that you are going to buy a BMW but end up buying a fiat , it's still spending but not on the luxury item you wanted but could not afford.

Just bear this in mind when the liberal left bemoan any so called "cut backs " in there fantasy world of never ending borrowing to pay for things we can no longer afford .

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Thursday, 4 November 2010

mea culpa

Just watched a program full of heresy , a program like no other shown on MSM in the last 15 years , one that admits "mistakes " on a channel normally full of the right on message of the left , C4.

Wow , a program on the green issues that admits they got things badly wrong, that there campaigns have led to more poverty , more deaths than should have been

Were high profile " green activists" shared there" road to Damascus " moment with the world.
This is a seed change in the MSM in the uk .

Catch the program on channel 4
Website .
Program is " what the green movement got wrong".

The scam unravels.

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

It's the red one

At last a union success.

At last a headline to rival " it's the Sun that won it" .

The Mp's voted against him.

The party voted against him.

The members voted against him.

But the unions wanted him.

All bow to Ed the red .

Man of the unions and proof that he who pays the bills gets to make the real decisions.

Ahh ,democracy union style , it's a sight to see.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pride of parents

Tonight my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing our son perform in the exclusive Landsdowne Club, Berkley square , London .

Born without his right hand , he is one of the few left -handed concert pianists in the world.

He started at the age of 14,which is extremly late to start ( most start at 4 -7 years).He only turned 21 in march 2010.
In that short 7 years ,he not only gained a place at the Guildhall School of music , he has gone on to study at the Royal College of Music.

To see him perform in one of the most exclusive addresses in the uk shows that it is not the disability but the sheer determination to grasp what can be , rather than cry over what might have been.

This year he has appeared in the "Daily Mail" and on ITV's "This Morning", and played in numerous concerts.

Ah , I here you say , born to rich parents !!

Er , no , just born to parents who care and were able to guide and give guidence when needed.
Born to parents both bought up
On council estates before the "it's the state who owes me " system started.

More info at :

Regards a drunk and happy

Ray from Brixton

( I now the spelling is crap but it shows the level of my education in the " right on 60's")

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's another success for the ..,.

... Human rights Act .

Hooray , what a result !!

So a ordinary couple of non UK citizens make their way to
This blessed land of the HRA.

And then our nasty government want to send them back to their homeland !!

But wait , with a single bound the HRA leaps on to action , and lo , these men of Virtue are free to join hands and sing "kumbia" round the camp fire with the rest of our liberal elite .

And why did our nasty government want to return these non citizens back to their own country ?

Well , they where just here to kill as Many of us as possible , in a Islamic plot .

How inconsiderate of us not to Want this!!

Chakrabatie is on every show defending their rights , every lefty is doing the same .

But what of our human rights , not to be attacked , of a right to life , of living a life free from threat?

Were is Chakrabatie on every show defending our rights , demanding their return ?
Why is not every lefty is doing the same ?

Because the HRA is for the criminal , the terrorist , the scumbag .

It is not for you or I , the law abiding mugs .

Do shut up and celebrate this great success !!

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Election 2010 blog 2:15

It's quarter past 2 and some votes are in.... Got a feeling that cameron will be hanging up his curtiains this time tomorrow.

Rays friend

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Live blog update 11.30 pm

Two results declared , both labour wins in solid labour areas .

But con up by a massive amount and labour fall in near 20%.

Lib no real difference.

Intresting due to swing being bigger than expected in areas not even targetted by con.

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Election 2010 Live blog

Well as ever I find myself planning to stay up and watch the election result .

So this time I have decided to blog as I watch and slowly get sozzdled on fine ish wine.

My election prediction is :

Con win with a 10-20 majority

Lab with there lowest since 1983

Lib gain a extra 10 -15 seats

My friends prediction was:

Con win by 4

Lab not a wipe out but near 1983

Lib up by 10 to 12

I write this at 10 pm as the polls close.

Let's see if I am right in 5 or 6 hours .

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ask not ..............

Tick , tock , tick , tock ,

boing ,



Brown , ask not for whom the bell tolls , for it tolls for YOU !!

Nu liebour, ask not for whom the bell tolls , for it tolls for YOU !!

To 13 years of utter , utter failure on all fronts bar one.

You should hold your heads in Shame.

Shame ! , you do not recognise the word , for you have none.

You load of con artists, who would not recognise truth , even it is delivered with the sound of voting slips pouring down upon you.

And to your one success ?

Pocketing as much as you could , as fast as you could .

Betraying those you said to represented .

You are scum .

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Monday, 3 May 2010

They don't make e'm like...

This Bank Holiday weekend as my wife and myself flicked through the usual rubbish on a Satuday night, we decided to go through our SKY planner to see if we had prerecorded anything of intrest.

And lo we found the light !!

And the lights name was " lassie come home" circa 1943.

And the light was good.

Not only were we both crying pretty all the way through , but the story had a good triumphing over bad message , something that is missing From today's films.

But this message was noticable from it's absence in the modern movies.

A great film , one that , if you have younger children will make them upset , but WILL make them love this film.

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While wiping a large tear !!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The final curtain

The day will soon be upon us when this vile, incompetent, rotten new Labour government will ,I hope, be shown the door.

What will be it's legacy ?

Mass immigration

More power to the EU

A impoverished nation

More people on welfare

Less social mobility

A more violent society

No faith in the justice system for victims

Our liberties and freedoms removed or curtailed.

A education system that gives all prizes but does not educate.

So what will the next government give us?

I believe nothing but more of the same.

I hope I am wrong , but I fear I will not be.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The view from the top

What a result !!

So to mrs Duffy's face, Brown was as nice as he could be .
To her views on immegration and the changes in her locality he sympathised and showed understanding .
If it had ended there , it was not a bad encounter.

But then distaster , we ,the plebes , were able to hear the real thoughts of our glorious leader. (saviour of the world (c))

By daring to even mention immegration ?

she is a bigot.

For daring to voice her concerns ?

She is a Bigot !

For questioning what has happened to her locality?

She is a Bigot !

And this is the very type of person he wants to vote labour,
White , working class, labour voter.

A labour voter !!

and it is clear that he and the whole New Labour scum hate and have betrayed the very people they purport to represent.

Don't believe me ?

You have in his own words , you bigot !!

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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Will there be blood?

So the FO were writing disparging remarks about the Pope.

Here is a prediction of the reaction to this on the streets.

No one will be threatened with death.

There will not be marches demanding an end to free speech.

No calls will be made for any critisim of the Pope to be punished by law.

No one will be killed in riots around the world caused by the letters.

Compare and contrast the reaction to some other religions that profess to be peaceful .

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The end is nigh

So we enter the final stage of (x factor ) the election.

What light has been shed on our sorry plight ?

Which of these three titans of politics and masters of our universe have laid out our current position, a clear path, a viable way out ?

Urm , non I am afraid !

The argument on NI contributions , as if the paltrey amount discussed would have even made a dent in our mountain of rising debt., has been a farce.

The non discussion of immegration , glossed over with sound bites and lies.

The economy is the overiding problem , all else is subserviant to it .

Want the NHS better , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want investment is schools , then get the debt problem sorted .

Want more police , then get the debt problem sorted .

Because if we do not , our asperations for the future look bleak .

My prediction is , whoever gets in , we will be hit by the real reccession , the one Brown and co , have borrowed, printed money for , and put off until after the election and have finally having face reality.

It will not be pretty for us proles but rest assured it is us who will be the ones paying for failure.

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Clegg mania

Well, we had the first debate.

And now the whole country wants Clegg as PM !!

So is that really the level of political debate we have now reached?

Because he was not as awful as the other two, suddenly woman are lining up to have his children, he is more popular than Churchill,
and he is the new Obama .

Oh for Gods sake , his policies stink .

More immegration , which every poll shows the public don't want

More EU integration ,which every poll shows the public don't want.

Softer on crime, which every poll shows the public don't want.

This show was a novelty , that is why such a reaction.

We have two more debates coming, the public will get bored and when polling day comes , they will have to vote on the real issuies rather than the " he looks nice" tv show.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Impressed ?

I heard "call be Dave " on BBC London this morning.

And I must admit I was impressed, he answered the questions , came across well and seemed eager to admit that he does not know it all .

I liked a lot of the ideas he espoused but the problem for all of the parties is that no one believes anything they say , even if they are genuine.

Expectations of real change are so low or non existent that the phrase " a plague on all of them" is heard more and more.

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Monday, 12 April 2010

Got ya!

Just had the enormous pleasure of watching Adam Boulton put Brown on the spot at his manifesto launch , which by the way, is not a legal document and one that is not worth the paper it is written on , and I have the high court judgement to prove it.

Anyway as our lord and master made these pointless pronouncements in a hospital that " labour built" , Boulton pointed out that all tax payers had paid for it and that because it was a PFI stitch up it will cost the tax payer £2.5 Billion pounds compared to the 600 million it cost to build.

Our leaders response as always when challenged with facts was to grin inanely and then make some stupid comments that the hand picked politburo type clones lapped up.


But interesting to see Boulton attack brown , something he would not of done in the past

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Somewhere in or around Brixton

And there off. !!!

Well we finally know the day ( yawn) , the sight of the excited crowds of media , hanging on every word dribbling out of the corner of comrade Browns, ( saviour of the world (c) ), mouth was a sight to see.

Behind him stood some of the most slimy , arrogant , self serving bunch of dangerous lunatics ever to run this once great country.

And on the conservative side

A slick advertising led demo of
" Hey , vote for me because I, m not him" which seems to be the main selling point of the tories.

The liberals were as ever not sure what they were or why they were there.

Overall the first week has been about small details , with not one of them prepared to lay out the truth.

None will speak on the subjects that we , the people , want them to talk about.

None will speak on immigration , since they all agree on the open door policy.

Nor law and order, since they are not willing to do what we want , as regard to sentencing and getting police on the streets.

Nor the elephant in the room, the fact we are borrowing money at a accelerating rate, with the largest deficit ever and not one of them prepared to give us the truth.

As someone said the other day , this is not a election of real change , this is one of a change of management.

The show and promises are irrelevant.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Labour Election Broadcast

Vote labour,

For free money and handouts, and sweets for all!***

***Please note a service fee of 100% submission to the the party is required ,
All freedoms and rights are forfeit on voting for the party.

All benefits can and will be reduced and at any time.

CCTV coverage of all activities is mandatory.

All people that actually work for the things they have will be treated as scum and will give up all property and wealth they have worked for to the deserving poor.

The deserving poor will now be called MPs.

You have the right to complain.

Complaints will be heard every 5 years via our complaints procedure.

This will be known as a election.

Once we get AV voting in we will never be out of power.

From then on

All elections will be ignored and will be referred to a public enquiry held with people paid for and employed by the Party

Do not forget......

You have the right to complain to your MP.

( Please note all MPs have been bought and paid for by UNISON and the party all promises should be regarded as purely promotional and have no basis in truth, or reality).

Thank you for voting labour.

Now kneel down and worship us , you scum.

(This has been a labour party election broadcast)

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Little boxes, little boxes

OK, here is were I stand politically , on some things I would be described as right wing on others left wing and on other things I do not have strong opinions or views.

Overall I class myself as a conservative in the traditional sense of the word, not the right on , down with the yoof , just call me dave con party

And this I would argue is were most of us stand neither strongly labour or conservative.

The problem with our politics at the moment is that they want us to fit into nice neat boxes, based on race, religion , disability and sexuality.

Now this gets really messy politically since we also have the rise and rise of victimhood politics, based around the above groups but then split into various sub groups I. gay , gay woman, transsexuals etc

This of course lends itself to what Is in effect victimhood politics with certain groups or combination of the above merating special treatment from government or the law. however
There is always one constant in this race to be a Bigger victim than any other group, and that is that it is the White, married , British working class male who is at the bottom of every list.

But what of the equality agenda ,
So beloved of harriot harperson,
And the so called progressive left? Surley this will make us all equal?

Well if you ask most people what is mean't by equality they would in general answer that all are treated the same by government and the law.

But in the fairy tale world of leftist politics , where all are victims of oppression by someone, who cannot get on without the lefts championing of their cause.
Equality means the opposite of the ordinary persons view.

In fact we will see in law , the legally justifiable act of discrimination based on those very things they claim to be against.

Only this Orwellian government is able to produce such a act , so counter to it's pronounced aims.
That in enshrines inequality in law.

Equality = inequality
Evil = good

Welcome to 1984

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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back to the future?

Just seen the news that liebour are going to be using on their latest poster campaign a image of Gene Hunt the fictional old style policeman ( you know the ones who went after the criminals) with his face changed to David Cameroons, under the strap line "don't let him take us back to the 80's"

Big mistake , the poster makes Davie boy look cool and tough , it also allows the Tories to bring up ,how just like now , only they where able to turn the country around after another labour government left us bankrupt and a laughing stock.

Good work from Tory central office !!

I mean a labour supporting member of the public , who actually suggested it:-;

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Football or Rugby?

I have, since a young boy been a on and off supporter of the mighty Crystal Palace.
I remember going to every home match back in the late 70s when we were being built up by the press to be "the team of the 80s" needless to say we were not nor would be ever be .
Anyway over the years my intrest in football has wained and I have been lucky to have acted as host on numerous times at rugby matches intead , in fact it was about 10 years since I had been to a football match untill this weekend.

Now in all the times I have been to rugby , I can honestly say that those in the crowd have never been aggressive to the opposition players or fans nor felt the need to use every expletive in there vocabulary at every oppertunity.
I have never seen any crowd trouble or felt in any way threataned or intimidated.
I would happliy take my wife ( not that she would go) and small children.

Now let me contrast the above with the atmosphere at the Saturday match between palace and Cardiff.
Oh the joy of listening to a father and son in front of us , verbally abuse every opposition player and some of there own with as choice a range of Anglo Saxon language as you will ever hear.
The delight of watching the same guys getting violent with the seats in front
They seemed unable or incapable to control themselves.

I pick out these people but this was all around me.

Would I ever contemplate bringing my wife or a child ?

Not a chance

Will I go back ?


But as a live sport it has lost me, I do not need the Aggro nor do I wish to hear swearing every second word.

Call mr a prude if you like but Rugby crowds are more civilized !!

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bring in the money , bring in the money

The war on drivers is one that has been intensifying in recent years as councils see us as a moving cash cows for there coffers.

However when you come across something that is more than unfair but is also hypocritical.

The above car was using its extendable camera to monitor a box junction for those that went in when there exit was not clear.

Ok , fine

But to be parked illegally on double yellow lines to catch people who may have by accident broke the same laws that they are also breaking.

Does show the laws only apply to us plebes.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Smoke and mirrors

Alistair Darling?

Well its the fake budget day, last chance for an awful government that has lied , spun ,been remiss with the actuality and generally has a problem with truth.

Why a fake budget?

Because this is a political budget , more than any other we have seen , one that has nothing to do the dire state of the finances but is all about creating dividing lines between liebour and the useless Tories.

The position of this once great country has never been worse financially since WWII. The architect of this was Gordon Brown who like a drunk locked in the now closed down pub and has to drink, he could not stop building up a ever bigger debt in the good times.

Ah you say but it was all the Bankers not Comrade Brown.
Partially true , but who changed the regulatory regime that those banks operated under to one where none of the 3 regulators had overall control of the banks.

This failure of regulation led to our banks failing , a regulation failure that did not happen in France, Spain etc where no banks failed.

Those changes where made by Brown.

To put the debt in to perspective
Our interest payments alone are now greater than the amount we spend on our whole education system !

And even paying that it does not reduce the capital sum we owe.

And this debt does not include any of the PFI monies that we are liable for.

None of these will be addressed

The real budget will be shortly after the election , whoever wins, when the real recession will hit.

Ignore the fluff and show.

Ignore the instant reaction.

Ignore the papers with there inbuilt bias.

The truth as always is in the detail.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Old Holborn for parliament

No not the tobacco .

But the persona of one the most intresting bloggers today.

In fact a guy who rather Than a

"stand on the side chucking verbal eggs and hand wringing that "something must be done" about our political system ,prefrably by someone else and as long as I do not have to do anything kind of guy" not him

Is in fact going to do something !

He is actually going to stand for election.

Yes , the man who dresses as Guy Fawkes , who was btw the last honest man in parliament ,
Will be fighting for election.

Will he win ?

Na probably not .

But I can tell you rather than just another rent-a-mp it will be a entertaining and intresting

Good luck from Ray in Brixton

I will contribute to him for having the courage to stand .

Will you ?

More details here

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He who pays the piper

A friend mentioned to me that to stop undue influence by a few wealthy people , the main parties should get there funding from Government.

I pointed out that at a time when the main parties are totally out of touch of the people they claim to represent and by removing the need to get any financial support from the individual means that they no longer even have to pretend they are taking on board peoples concerns.

Also state funding would mean setting this dweedledum dweedledee system in concrete
With no chance for smaller parties to grow and challenge the status quo.

Both parties now this and are eager to suck on the teat of the state, that's you and I paying even more for parties that pay us no attention.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Why vote ?

Who to vote for?
22 Mar 2010 18:36
Politics !
bah humbug ,I hear you say.
There all the same , I'm not voting what's the point ?

I hear this more and more, I say it myself.


It matters , politics effects you in every part of your life.

Council serves getting worse and costing more?

That will be poitics then

schools rubbish ? Ditto

paying to much tax ? Ditto

crime getting worse ? Ditto

The problem is people do not see the link
they believe all these things just happen and seem not to notice that if less and less people make there voices heard
then it is only the voices of the minority group pushing there policies either left or right that get onto the agenda.

I could tell you of the people who fought and died for the freedoms we have and appeal to your better nature for the wider good

But I won't, I don't believe that in the country we do anything but for ourselves, so very simply.


so you can either say don't blame me I voted for x , or great ,y are in I wanted them.

But to say it has nothing to do with me is just wrong.

Vote for a party or independent who actually says the things you believe in.

If you can not find one then spoil your vote .

But at least vote !

It is the only time they will bother asking you.

They may not do it at all in the future if you do not bother

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