Monday, 22 March 2010

Why vote ?

Who to vote for?
22 Mar 2010 18:36
Politics !
bah humbug ,I hear you say.
There all the same , I'm not voting what's the point ?

I hear this more and more, I say it myself.


It matters , politics effects you in every part of your life.

Council serves getting worse and costing more?

That will be poitics then

schools rubbish ? Ditto

paying to much tax ? Ditto

crime getting worse ? Ditto

The problem is people do not see the link
they believe all these things just happen and seem not to notice that if less and less people make there voices heard
then it is only the voices of the minority group pushing there policies either left or right that get onto the agenda.

I could tell you of the people who fought and died for the freedoms we have and appeal to your better nature for the wider good

But I won't, I don't believe that in the country we do anything but for ourselves, so very simply.


so you can either say don't blame me I voted for x , or great ,y are in I wanted them.

But to say it has nothing to do with me is just wrong.

Vote for a party or independent who actually says the things you believe in.

If you can not find one then spoil your vote .

But at least vote !

It is the only time they will bother asking you.

They may not do it at all in the future if you do not bother

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