Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Smoke and mirrors

Alistair Darling?

Well its the fake budget day, last chance for an awful government that has lied , spun ,been remiss with the actuality and generally has a problem with truth.

Why a fake budget?

Because this is a political budget , more than any other we have seen , one that has nothing to do the dire state of the finances but is all about creating dividing lines between liebour and the useless Tories.

The position of this once great country has never been worse financially since WWII. The architect of this was Gordon Brown who like a drunk locked in the now closed down pub and has to drink, he could not stop building up a ever bigger debt in the good times.

Ah you say but it was all the Bankers not Comrade Brown.
Partially true , but who changed the regulatory regime that those banks operated under to one where none of the 3 regulators had overall control of the banks.

This failure of regulation led to our banks failing , a regulation failure that did not happen in France, Spain etc where no banks failed.

Those changes where made by Brown.

To put the debt in to perspective
Our interest payments alone are now greater than the amount we spend on our whole education system !

And even paying that it does not reduce the capital sum we owe.

And this debt does not include any of the PFI monies that we are liable for.

None of these will be addressed

The real budget will be shortly after the election , whoever wins, when the real recession will hit.

Ignore the fluff and show.

Ignore the instant reaction.

Ignore the papers with there inbuilt bias.

The truth as always is in the detail.

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