Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Old Holborn for parliament

No not the tobacco .

But the persona of one the most intresting bloggers today.

In fact a guy who rather Than a

"stand on the side chucking verbal eggs and hand wringing that "something must be done" about our political system ,prefrably by someone else and as long as I do not have to do anything kind of guy"....no not him

Is in fact going to do something !

He is actually going to stand for election.

Yes , the man who dresses as Guy Fawkes , who was btw the last honest man in parliament ,
Will be fighting for election.

Will he win ?

Na probably not .

But I can tell you rather than just another rent-a-mp it will be a entertaining and intresting

Good luck from Ray in Brixton

I will contribute to him for having the courage to stand .

Will you ?

More details here


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  1. I think it's parliament. Not parliment

  2. Raymondo, the trouble with Holbers is he can talk the talk, but when it gets a tad hot, he tends not to walk the walk.

    You may not have noticed, but generally there are other people 'doing things' whenever the masked hero is photographed.

    He's an entertained read, but don't hold your breath waiting for his maiden speech cos it ain't gonna happen.