Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bring in the money , bring in the money

The war on drivers is one that has been intensifying in recent years as councils see us as a moving cash cows for there coffers.

However when you come across something that is more than unfair but is also hypocritical.

The above car was using its extendable camera to monitor a box junction for those that went in when there exit was not clear.

Ok , fine

But to be parked illegally on double yellow lines to catch people who may have by accident broke the same laws that they are also breaking.

Does show the laws only apply to us plebes.

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Some were in or around Brixton


  1. Well spotted , arent double yellows there because its a danger to other people to park in those areas.

  2. Stop a copper and ask them to send the registered keeper a Notice of Intended Prosecution through the post.


    Brixton, eh? Many coppers around, Ray?