Thursday, 29 April 2010

The view from the top

What a result !!

So to mrs Duffy's face, Brown was as nice as he could be .
To her views on immegration and the changes in her locality he sympathised and showed understanding .
If it had ended there , it was not a bad encounter.

But then distaster , we ,the plebes , were able to hear the real thoughts of our glorious leader. (saviour of the world (c))

By daring to even mention immegration ?

she is a bigot.

For daring to voice her concerns ?

She is a Bigot !

For questioning what has happened to her locality?

She is a Bigot !

And this is the very type of person he wants to vote labour,
White , working class, labour voter.

A labour voter !!

and it is clear that he and the whole New Labour scum hate and have betrayed the very people they purport to represent.

Don't believe me ?

You have in his own words , you bigot !!

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Some where in or around Brixton

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  1. Brown and his coterie of Stormtroopers has never hidden their bigotry towards the middle class voter, now they have shown they are just as nasty to everybody. |Some of us have always known this!