Thursday, 25 November 2010

There is a war and it is against you

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why are more and more people are in debt?

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why is it, That no matter how hard people work , they are sinking into more and more debt?

Have you ever wondered why ?

Why is it is that , we can Remember a time when woman had a choice to work but in general have no choice now but to work?

Have you ever wondered why ?

We are taxed more and more but get less and less for that ever increasing tax?

Have you ever wondered why ?

The answer is in our monetary system , a system designed to make all but the super rich ,poor.

To quote from a great man

" One of the problems of slavery was that the MASTER would have to pay for your food and lodgings. And this was a cost .

The beauty of DEBT is that the SLAVE pays for ALL of the costs of food and lodgings."

We are now slaves .

slaves to a debt imposed upon us by governments that see us as slaves beholden to the true masters.


To open your eyes to the truth , view "MONEY AS DEBT" on YouTube .

You will will shocked and amazed!

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