Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's another success for the ..,.

... Human rights Act .

Hooray , what a result !!

So a ordinary couple of non UK citizens make their way to
This blessed land of the HRA.

And then our nasty government want to send them back to their homeland !!

But wait , with a single bound the HRA leaps on to action , and lo , these men of Virtue are free to join hands and sing "kumbia" round the camp fire with the rest of our liberal elite .

And why did our nasty government want to return these non citizens back to their own country ?

Well , they where just here to kill as Many of us as possible , in a Islamic plot .

How inconsiderate of us not to Want this!!

Chakrabatie is on every show defending their rights , every lefty is doing the same .

But what of our human rights , not to be attacked , of a right to life , of living a life free from threat?

Were is Chakrabatie on every show defending our rights , demanding their return ?
Why is not every lefty is doing the same ?

Because the HRA is for the criminal , the terrorist , the scumbag .

It is not for you or I , the law abiding mugs .

Do shut up and celebrate this great success !!

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Some where in or around Brixton


  1. It does all beggar belief, Ray. Still we are without a Marxist maladministration so things "can only get better"!