Monday, 3 May 2010

They don't make e'm like...

This Bank Holiday weekend as my wife and myself flicked through the usual rubbish on a Satuday night, we decided to go through our SKY planner to see if we had prerecorded anything of intrest.

And lo we found the light !!

And the lights name was " lassie come home" circa 1943.

And the light was good.

Not only were we both crying pretty all the way through , but the story had a good triumphing over bad message , something that is missing From today's films.

But this message was noticable from it's absence in the modern movies.

A great film , one that , if you have younger children will make them upset , but WILL make them love this film.

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Some where in or around Brixton

While wiping a large tear !!

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